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猫愛があふれる映画:「ボブという名の猫 幸せのハイタッチ」(2016年 イギリス)A Movie Full of Affection for Cats: A Street Cat Named Bob(2016, UK)


 I went on full alert as soon as I saw the title of the movie because it seemed like a B-grade film. But I believed what this movie had a 4 star review, so I took a chance and started to watch it.



 The summary I read on Amazon Prime Video was as follows.

 “James, who had aimed to be a musician in London, is now a young homeless. He has been a heroin addict and led a miserable life. One day, a stray cat comes into his place. The next day, James finds the same cat has gotten a wound on its back leg, so he saves the cat spending all the money he has. From then on, James and Bob, which is the name James gave to the cat, go everywhere together. They begin to attract public attention gradually. However, they have to go through trials and tribulations one after another….”  

「ボブという名の猫 幸せのハイタッチ」予告編




 At the top of the movie, I saw subtitles which says, “Based on a true story”. This movie is based on the book of the same name. This book, which was published in 2013, became a best-seller in the UK.

 It is not that this movie is something special. However, it made me feel like cheering up the main character who tries to get his life back on track with the help of Bob, in spite of myself.

 I wanted to know about this movie after I finished to watch so I checked it out on the internet. What surprised me even more was the fact that the real Bob played the part of Bob in this movie. This cat deserves Academy Award for Best Supporting A-cat-or.