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音楽ってやっぱりすごい:TBS「音楽の日2019」 Music Is So Good After All: “Ongaku no Hi 2019”, The TV Program Broadcast by TBS


 A music program is something that I can’t stop watching once I start to even without thinking much of it. I just wanted to watch my favorite singers so I switched the channel for the music program called “Ongaku no Hi 2019” early but I was soon into it.    



 The MC was Nakai Masahiro so I expected something to happen when I see Arashi appear in it. Nakai asked each of them to give a comment and finally it comes to Oono’s turn. Nakai asked him to give a comment about halting their activity and what Oono said brusquely was just, “You halt!”, and I was so exhilarated that I couldn’t help clapping my hands. That’s because what happened there was a sort of routines they always went through in an old music program called “Utaban” that I used to watch before.


 What Johnny’s Jr. performed was something that is produced by Takizawa Hideaki, and my impression about it was so good even for a guy like me and what I thought was like, “If there is a host club like this, anyone wants to go there”.


 One thing I was looking forward to was a cappella by Little Glee Monster and it was extremely good as I thought it would be. All the songs were covers but I was more than satisfied. They are so good even on TV programs like that, so I can’t imagine how good they are in a live concert.



 Another singer I wanted to watch was Shiina Ringo, and she sang two songs, “Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri” and “Marunouchi Sadistic”. Ukigumo, a guitarist, joined the first song, and HiizumimasayuKi, a keyboardist, joined the second one so I was glad because they are my favorite musicians. Shiina Ringo’s song and dance performance were overwhelmingly impressive for me.  


 There was one more thing I felt then was about a song called “Memeshikute” by Golden Bomber, a band, and what I felt was how good the song was to such a degree that I was almost carried away. I decided that the song is a standard song of the 20th century.


 I know I’m just an audience, even so, I’m sure that music is a great toy that is given to us.