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好きだったCMソング:EPO「Park Ave. 1981」 My Favorite CM Songs: “Park Ave. 1981” by EPO



 The season has come around when you could use something cold to drink. I have an impression that some CM songs for beverages tend to stay in with me at this time of the year. The CM songs for KIRIN LEMON are especially impressive for me.    


 Commemorating that it’s been 90 years since the drink appeared on the market, now they have several versions of TV commercial songs with different musicians.   


キリンレモン×04 Limited Sazabys 「She」篇 #キリンレモンのうた #キリンレモントリビュート

キリンレモン × みやかわくん 「風を切れたら」篇 #キリンレモンのうた #キリンレモントリビュート

 現在のものもとっても爽やかで好みですが、自分にとって最も心に残っているのは、ずいぶん前のものです。1981年のCMソング、EPOさんによる「Park. Ave.1981」です。

 These current songs are really refreshing, of course, but the one most impressive for me is very old one. It is “Park Ave. 1981” by EPO, the CM song for KIRIN LEMON in 1981.

EPO PARK Ave. 1981


 This song, which reminds me of the sparkling sunshine and the cool breeze blowing through the urban city, is the 2nd single for EPO. Even now, I get happily excited when I hear this song in my car. 

PARK Ave. 1981

PARK Ave. 1981