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好きだったCMソング 「Dreamland」by Bennie K for Coca-Cola : My favorite CM songs

 CMで聴いて好きになることって,わりと多いですよね。前回ふれたリトグリもそうですが,同じコカ・コーラですぐに浮かぶのは,Bennie Kです。2005年からオンエアされたCMソング「Dreamland」は,CM用の書き下ろしのため,当初は曲名も付いていなかったとのこと。問い合わせが殺到したためにCD化されたそうです。

 There are many musicians who became my favorite through TV commercials. So is Little Glee Monster who I mentioned last time, but the one who comes into my mind first is Bennie K, they also sang a commercial song for Coca-Cola before. The commercial song called “Dreamland” which was aired in 2005 was specially written for the commercial so it didn’t have even the title at first. They released it on CD due to an inundation of inquiries.


 この曲をきっかけに,しばらくBennie Kにハマっていました。自分が特に好きだったのは「Sunrise」「Okay」「Oasis」でした。YUKIとCICOの二人は,ホームステイ先のロサンゼルスで偶然に出会ったそうです。2001年のデビューから14枚のシングルを出していますが,2009年でBennie Kとしての活動は終えている模様。

 This song made me interested in Benny K and I ended up getting into them for a while. The songs I particularly I loved were “Sunrise”, “Okay” and “Oasis”. YUKI and CICO, the members, met each other by chance during their homestays in Los Angeles. They debuted in 2001, since then they had released 14 singles in total by the time they ended their activities as Bennie K in 2009.

[PV] BENNIE K - Oasis [HQ]

 コカ・コーラについては,他にも桑田佳祐さんの「波乗りジョニー」や「白い恋人達」(2001年),早見優さんの「夏色のナンシー」(1983年),そして矢沢永吉さんの「THIS IS A SONG FOR COCA-COLA」(1980年)など,勝手に思い入れのある曲が多くあります。余談ですが,大好きなイギリスのバンド,キンクスの「ローラ」にもコーラが出てくるので,もしかしてCMソングかも,と昔は勝手に思っていました。でも,あらためて” I met her in a club down in North Soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola C-O-L-A cola”という歌詞をみる限り,きっと勘違いです。

 As for the Coca-Cola songs, there are other ones which remind me of good old days such as “Naminori Johnny” and “Shiroi Koibito Tachi” both by Kuwata Keisuke, “Natsuiro no Nancy” by Hayami Yu, and “THIS IS A SONG FOR COCA-COLA” by Yazawa Eikichi. In this connection I may add that you can hear “Cola” in the lyrics of a song called “Lola” sung by Kinks who is one of my favorite British rock bands, so I guessed it might have been a Coca-Cola song before, but now that I just checked the lyrics again and saw it said “I met her in a club down in North Soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola C-O-L-A cola”, I’m sure it wasn’t. 

The Kinks - Lola (Official Audio) 





The Kinks Anthology 1964 - 1971

The Kinks Anthology 1964 - 1971