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牧草入りのお酒?:「ズブロッカ」 Good spirits in my favorite bar: ZUBROWKA



 In the bar France Ya, I’m happy just to take a look at the bottles on the counter or the shelves. Some of them look good and others look somewhat strange, so I want to give each of them a try. The other day, I sat at the counter and I became curious about a bottle in front of me. What was written largely on the bottle was “ZUBROWKA”. I heard it should be read as zuburokka.



 The reason why I became curious about it was a bison illustrated on the bottle, besides I saw something which looked like grass in it. “This is Polish vodka with the grass called bison grass in it” the bartender said.


 I looked it up in wiki to know that there are about 400 bison, which are designated as an endangered species, in a world heritage forest in Poland. The bison grass is the bison’s favorite. The fact that the grass is a rare one that grows wild in a world heritage forest made me feel even more like giving it a try.



 When I smelled the Zubrowka filled in the shot glass, it smelled somewhat sweet, even though vodka is not supposed to have any flavor. I took a sip and felt it tasted milder than I thought it would. In Japan, vodka is sometimes translated as “hi zake (fire spirit)” so it is too strong for me to enjoy, but I could enjoy this spirit, Zubrowka. This spirit somehow seemed to be a sacred one when I think of the future of the European bison that I’ve never seen before.