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アルバムレビュー:sumika「Chime」  Album Reviews: “Chime” by sumika


  Sumika’s 2nd album “Chime”, released on March 13, is so good as I expected it would be. 

【2019/3/13発売】sumika / 「Chime」全曲試聴teaser


 The songs that are contained in this album are as follows. 

  1. 10時の方角
  2. ファンファーレ
  3. フィクション
  4. Monday
  5. ホワイトマーチ
  6. Strawberry Fields
  7. 秘密
  8. 春夏秋冬
  9. Hummingbird's Port [Instrumental]
  10. Flower
  11. ペルソナ・プロムナード
  12. あの手、この手
  13. ゴーストライター
  14. Familia 


 I actually worried about whether it could be as good as their 1st album because the 1st one was somewhat perfect for me, but that turned out just a groundless fear. Every single song among the fourteen tracks in this album is so catchy that they could be released as a single version. The first track “Jyuji no Hogaku” has an enough momentum as the starting song, and the momentum is kept through following songs.

sumika / 10時の方角【Music Video】

sumika / Familia【Music Video】


 Such a wholesome, even violently cheerful mood is characteristic of sumika. The cheerfulness might be too bright for someone who loves rather unwholesome rock music to become fond of it heartily. In my case, it took a while to become so, too. However, the quality songs they make meticulously and the catchy melodies are so powerful that I can say they are beyond the individual taste.


 In the meantime, there are various types of songs, for example, a ballad with a bit sad mood like “Himitsu”,the seventh track, a comical, wild song like “Persona Promnade”, the eleventh,  and even a song with restless mood about an unrequited love like “Ano Te, Kono Te”, which I mentioned last time. I wonder why I feel their particular characteristic from those songs. I also wonder if there is someone who doesn’t like “Familia”, the fourteenth track. If there is, I want to talk to him or her.


 Now I realize again they really have infinite attractiveness and potential as a band. This is an album that you can’t get enough of so soon.