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先入観とかけ離れた映画:「アフリカの女王」 A Movie Which Is a Far Cry from What I Thought It Would Be Like: “The African Queen”


 Among so called classics, there are many films which I’ve never watched in spite of wanting to. When I hear just the title of some classic movies that I don’t even know the summary, sometimes I’d be exhilarated or sometimes I’d put that on the back burner. Honestly, I wasn’t intrigued by the title of the movie, “The African Queen” ,at all.



 What came to mind first when I heard the title was a queen of the jungle who reigns over unknown tribes, or Cleopatra from Egypt or so on. I read absent mindedly the commentary about the movie on Amazon Prime Video and I was suddenly attracted by the part that said “…’African Queen’, a decrepit small steam launch”, so I thought “It’s not a person, It’s a boat”, then I reread it closely to know the settings like, “In German East Africa during World War I…”, “what waits for them are torrents, waterfalls, and a gunboat of Germany…”, so I was really interested in it.


 A missionary Samuel and his sister Rose who have worked in Congo, Africa, spend their life peacefully enduring the shortage of goods. Samuel has carried out his mission so well that he has gained the trust of the village people. However, one day, German troops come to burn down the village. He dies of a broken spirit so Rose (Katharine Hepburn) is left alone. Then Charlie, the captain of “African Queen”, a small steam launch which delivers food and goods to villages, visited her. He takes her on his boat and asked her to keep hiding together with him, but she turns down his idea and makes an amazing proposal. Her proposal is that they should try to go down the river on “African Queen” so that they can blow up the German gunboat which lies in ambush for British forces. Her dauntless attitude makes Charlie agree reluctantly…….



 I realized again that something really good never fades. This movie was released in 1951, so old and less spectacular than the modern adventure films. But its simple, subdued direction makes us feel reality even more. I somehow felt attractiveness which I never feel nowadays, from the behavior of actors, Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. I’d like to enjoy classic movies without any prejudice.