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A band I’m into now : 今ハマっているバンド sumika


 When I happened to hear some songs of a band called sumika which has four members, I just had an impression that they sounded like Hoshino Gen’s songs. Recently, I listened to their 1st full album titled “Familia” properly ending up being amazed by its stunning brilliance. My first impression was totally beside the point, actually, the album was full of playful mood and originality, with good songs surging like waves

sumika / Lovers【Music Video】


 The first song titled “Answer” is a short one of only 1miutes and 24 seconds, but it makes me carried away in an instant. I’m impressed with extraordinarily catchy songs like “Lovers”, “MAGIC” and such like. In the meantime, I’m all the more exhilarated with some songs like “Someday” which has a calm, touching atmosphere.  

sumika / MAGIC【Music Video】


 It seems like they are going to release a new single with two songs “Fanfare / Syunkasyutou” which are both “side A” on August 29.  Both songs are produced for a movie titled “Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai” which will be opened in theaters all over the country on September 1. “Fanfare” is the opening theme and “Syunkasyutou” is the main theme for the movie.

劇場アニメ『君の膵臓をたべたい 』待望の本予告が公開!