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I enjoy a live tour DVD: sumikaのライブツアーDVD買っちゃいました



 I bought a live tour DVD of sumika, one of my favorite bands, titled “starting caravan”. It is a video of their concert at Budokan in July. The list of the songs is as follows.



 The first song was “MAGIC”, but actually the members appeared on the stage with “Picasso karano Takkyubin”, an instrumental tune, as background music, and then started to play. If you were a fan, you were already excited with this opening but you’d be carried away when you knew the second song was “Lovers”. The rest of the songs were something that deserve to be called a great compilation of their five-year activities. I was really glad to know that “Maitta” was on the list, because I somehow love it very much personally.  


 There was no gaudy atmosphere, rather simple on the contrary, but they really concentrated on their performance. I was surprised, because their sound is as good as the one recorded in studios. Kataoka’s singing voice was the same as the CD version. I was really impressed that they have good skills.