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吉澤嘉代子さん、のんさんも参加!楽しさいっぱいのミニアルバム:弓木トイ「みんなおもちゃになりたいのさ」 A Mini Album Full of Playful Spirits That Yoshizawa Kayoko and Non Joined: “Minna Omocha ni Naritainosa” by Yumiki Toy



 Its somewhat adorable and fanciful mini album. A music project called “Yumiki Toy” presided by Yumiki Erino, who is the guitarist from KIRINJI, a band, released its first mini album on April 24th. This album, which is titled “Minna Omocha ni Naritainosa” contains only 6 tracks but it will make you feel excited like a toy box.


The tracks contained in the album are as follows.

 1. ハッピーバースデーをもう一度
 2. キャベツのようなもの
 3. 2人だけのデート
 4. CCSC
 5. カァカァカァ
 6. シュローダーのセレナーデ 


 Yumiki wrote, composed, and arranged all the songs. Various musicians joined this album making it more enjoyable.

弓木トイ 1st AL『みんなおもちゃになりたいのさ』Trailer


 Yoshizawa Kayoko joined the first track called “Happy Birthday wo Mo Ichido” as a guest vocalist. This song starts with whispers of Yumiki and Yoshizawa. That somehow reminds me of the whispers of John Lennon and Ono Yoko at the beginning of the song “Happy Christmas” making me thrilled. This song is a pop music that is so catchy and adorable.


 Non joined the 4th track titled “CCSC” as a guest vocalist, too, and you will find her saying  some words at the middle of the song. Despite rather adorable lyrics about St. Valentine day, The bouncing sound of the guitar is so cool.



 The best song for me is the 2nd track called “Cabbage no Yo Na Mono”. It’s so soulful and funky that I’m really into it. Plus, some part of this song reminds me of KIRINJI  or Pizzicato Five so I really get thrilled. 

 I’m looking forward to seeing how this project is going to be.

弓木トイ - インストアイベント@タワーレコード新宿店 2019/04/25