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桜の季節に聴きたい曲 木村カエラ「Cherry Blossom」:A Song I Feel Like Listening to in Cherry Blossom Season  “Cherry Blossom” by Kimura Kaera

 桜舞うこの季節に聴きたい曲ってたくさんあると思います。自分にとってすぐに浮かぶのは、木村カエラさんの「Cherry Blossom」です。

 There must be many songs that you want to listen to at this time of year, cherry blossom season. In my case, the song that comes in my mind first is “Cherry Blossom” by Kimura Kaera.

木村カエラ「Cherry Blossom」

 この曲は彼女の7枚目のアルバム「Sync」(2012)に収録されています。とってもいい曲なのでシングルカットされていると勝手に思っていましたが、あとから違うと知って驚きました。出だしから繰り返される「テュル テュルッ テュッ テュ」がくせになりますが、次のようなサビで一気に連れていかれます。

 This song is contained in her 7th album called “Sync” (2012). This song is so good that I thought it should have been released as a single, but actually, it wasn’t so I was surprised. The phrase “tyuru tyuru tyu tyu” which is repeated from the beginning becomes addictive. And I’m carried away by the catchy part as follows:   


 Falling on my hands


 チェリーブロッサム ハート花びら

 ピンクの絨毯歩き出せば 胸が高まるAll right


 Falling on my hands

 Flutteringly falling down

 Cherry blossom the petal heart-shaped

 Stepping forward on the pink rug  I’m exhilarated  All right


 カエラさんの曲で一番好きなのは2ndシングルの「happiness!!!」ですが、この季節に聴く「Cherry Blossom」は甲乙つけがたいよさがあります。

 The best song of hers is, in my opinion, “happiness!!!” which is her second single but this “Cherry Blossom” is so good that I can’t decide which is better when I hear it at this time of year.



 This is a picture of a place where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the northern part of Nagasaki city. I heard that there are about two thousand cherry trees here. This place is called Kinkai Tone town.