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The actors appeared on the TV program: 新垣結衣さん,松田龍平さんが「ナカイの窓」に





 The late-night  TV program “Nakai no Mado” which was renewed in the spring of this year has often invited guests to its studio to have round-table-talks these last few times as it did before.

 The themes they’ve had since October were as follows.


10月3日(水) 「断捨離の窓 第2弾」 世の中にある無駄な物・いらない物を断捨離していく!

On Wednesday, October 3 “A window for Danshari” Getting rid of the clutter in the world society


10月10日(水) 「番付の窓」 様々なテーマを元に、番組オリジナルのベスト3を決定!

On Wednesday, October 10 “A window for some rankings” deciding top three on various themes


10月17日(水) 「ナカイの窓×鉄道」 鉄道車両を作っている総合車両製作所で、鉄道関係のお仕事をしている方、鉄道好きタレントの方達と円卓トーク

On Wednesday, October 17 “A window for railroads” having a round-table-talk with someone who works at Sogo Sharyo Seisakusho where they produce train cars, and another talk with some entertainers who love railroads

10月24日(水) 「ウレルカモの窓」 今後大ブレークするかもしれない未来のスターを発掘するオーディション

On Wednesday, October 24 “A window for ‘They might have a big break some time’” having an audition for future stars

11月14日(水) 「大食いBIG3&クセあり女子アナ2本立てSP」

On Wednesday, November 14 “A double-featured SP, ‘The top three big eaters & Eccentric female announcers’”

11月21日(水) 「ナカイの窓×ドラマ」 新垣結衣松田龍平がドラマの裏側を語る!

On Wednesday, November 21 “A window for a drama” inviting and letting Aragaki Yui & Matsuda Ryuhei talk about some unknown episodes of their drama.

11月28日(水) 「2018年 ニュースの窓」 2018年に起きたニュースをよく知る関係者がスタジオに登場!

On Wednesday, November 28 “A window for some news in 2018” inviting someone who knows well the news




 The program I was excited most was “A window for a drama” On Wednesday, November 21, in which Aragaki Yui, Matsuda Ryuhei and the staffs of the drama “Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi” appeared. Aragaki Yui tried to answer the questions to her sincerely. Matsuda Ryuhei looked attractive when he replied brusquely and vaguely because it was just like him. As a matter of fact, the actors’ talk was not enough for me, but I was moved to tears a little when I saw a video of Ashida Mana’s performance in another drama at the topic “The best actor for me”. In the meantime, right after the video, Yashiro Yu, a mimic comedian, unexpectedly appeared and profusely did an imitation of Ashida Mana which was full of after-all-this-time atmosphere, it made me giggle. After that, to my delight, there was an on-site talk in the studio setting of the drama.

 Now they make the best use of the guest MCs, which is the characteristic of this program, like Jinnai Tomonori, Yamazato Ryota and so on. I just feel sorry because I can’t see “Kokorogist” diagnose the guests arbitrarily, but I’m really glad because the TV program became so amusing again that I can’t wait the next time now.