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Where is the world I loved before : 大好きだったあの世界は今 「ナカイの窓」


 A TV program titled “Nakai no Mado” which is currently broadcast by Nihon TV Station has been totally renewed since April this year. The new version in which they take a round table to a place to have a talk with people concerned is, of course, good to watch, but I can’t give up on the previous version in which they have a talk in a studio with many sort of guests. I’m wondering why they had to change that style. 

ナカイの窓 「舞台で活躍する人SP」 2018年3月7日


  The talk in the studio took place with the unpredictably various themes inviting a wide range of people from amazingly big names to perfectly unknown ones, so you could enjoy a lot sometimes feeling empathy with someone and sometimes finding something new. Some themes that come into my mind now are such as “A window for masks” in which many guests in masks appeared and Nakai guessed who were them, or “A window for castings” in which some TV stars made phone calls to someone they knew to choose the guests so consequently various guests, from totally unknown amateur to one of the Japan football team members and so on, showed up in it. I was so exhilarated by them. There were so many people I came to know for the first time by this TV program finding them so attractive, for example, Asagaya Sisters, Miki, A Colonel Perm, Suzuki Emiko, Takizawa Karen, and so on, actually, that they are too many to enumerate all of them.


  One thing that I can’t give up on most is the diagnosis which was given by psychologists called “kokorogists”. The diagnosis was so relentless that a professional instrumental musicians was, in a program, diagnosed as someone who doesn’t love the instrument, and some TV star who was into DIY very much was decided as a person doing DIY to earn money.  I really wish they revive the studio-talk adding to the current version.