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仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル「ホット・ウイスキー」:Good cocktails in my favorite bar  “Hot Whisky”


 On a cold day, I miss such a warmth. It is hot whiskey that I want to order as the first drink just after sitting at the counter in this season. The hot whisky served there is not just diluted with hot water, but it is the one with sugar and sliced lemon, plus it is flavored with a cinnamon stick and some cloves.



 One of the CDs the bartender recommended me recently was “Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown”. This album which is recorded in 1954 is widely known as a classic jazz album for jazz devotees. Actually, I don’t know how to enjoy jazz, even so I’m fascinated by the music which is partly sung by Helen Merrill and partly played by Clifford Brown, the trumpeter. Clifford Brown whose nickname was “Brownie” died at the age of 25 in a car accident only two years after this album was recorded.

Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown / You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To


 I always feel happy when I listen to good music having hot whisky to warm myself.