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本がますます好きになる本 「桜風堂ものがたり」村山早紀著: A book that makes you love books even more  “Ofudo Monogatari” by Murayama Saki


 “I want to be a bookseller.” I guess anyone who loves books must have thought like that at least once. I felt like that after a long time when I read this book. 






 The strip of paper around the book says “This is a story about a heartwarming miracle that happens at a bookstore in the country”. The story is totally different from what I imagined.

 Tsukihara Issei is a bookseller who is in charge of the paperback corner at a bookstore called Ginga Do. He is shy, kind and sincere, plus he is a kind of bookseller who loves books from the bottom of his heart. His colleagues have great trust in him, and he is proud of his job but he has to quit the job because of a shoplifting case that happens at Gingado. Issei has made friends with some people who he knew through his private blog. Among them there is an owner of a bookstore called “Ofudo” which has has been in existence since the Meiji era. Issei who has just quit his job comes up with an idea of visiting Ofudo which is located in somewhere he can’t get to and come back from in a day, and he actually sets out for the bookstore.



 You can see an ideal bookstore here. In addition to that you can find ideal people, an ideal town, an ideal place where you belong. In that meaning, you can call this book a fairy tale wrapped in real life. I originally like books which have a theme clearly like detective story, historical novel, nonfiction, and biography. This book is not a book like that so I needed the courage a little to read it. Once I started to read it, I got into it soon enough but I took a lot of time to enjoy it because I felt this book was quite relaxing and comfortably slow. I thought how great it was to engage in work that has something to do with books while reading. I somehow shed tears I can’t explain well.

 This book is a nominee for 2017’s Book Sellers Award. I heard Murayama Saki, the author, lives in Nagasaki. I feel proud that an author who can create such a nice story lives in my town.



 it has nothing to do with what I wrote above, but these photos below are of Lantern Festival in Nagasaki this year.

ランタンフェスティバル 2019