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Good tunes I can’t get enough of 不思議と飽きない曲 東京事変「キラーチューン」



 If I was asked by someone “What song do you think is that you can’t get enough of?”, I’d say “It’s ‘Killer Tune’.”, Killer Tune was released in 2007 and sung by Tokyo Jihen. I’d still become excited even now when I happen to hear this song played. I don’t know how many times I watched the MV of it, It was composed by Ichiyo Izawa, the keyboardist of the band, and the lyrics were written by Ringo Sheena. I often see the episode that Ringo involuntarily said “This is a Killer Tune!” when she listened to the demo tape for the first time, and I agree with her from the bottom of my heart. I think it is really great to be able to make such a song with catchy melody that makes listeners so happy.



 Tokyo Jihen had so many hard rock tunes but also had many catchy songs like “Gunjyo Biyori”, ”Senkou Shojyo”, “Onnanoko wa Daredemo”,”21seiki Utyuu no Ko” and so on. I think this band was so good and am really sorry about their split-up. I watched a DVD of the Ringo's concert tour titled “Hyakki Yako”the other day, when I was glad to see a couple of Jihen’s songs were selected, plus some members like Ukigumo who was the guitarist and Masayuki Hiizumi who was the former Keyboardist joined the tour.