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The MV has over 10 million views:「秒針を噛む」YouTube 再生1000万回超え


 The MV of “Byosin wo Kamu” released by the band “Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni” I mentioned before has finally reached over 10 million views on YouTube. Their mini album will be released on Nov. 14th and they just released a live video on YouTube last night. I was out last night and really looking forward to watching it later but it was really a "live"  so I can't watch it now, I'm crying....


 I couldn’t be satisfied with the MV so I’ve already bought to enjoy three songs available online. The vocalist ACAne’s voice is so relaxed even at the highest part of the song in spite of singing with the top of her voice, and it sounds so attractive. Both “Nori-ue no Cracker” released in Oct. and “Humanoid” just released the other day are as good as “Byosin wo Kamu”.



 I saw some similarities between this band and “Yorusika” in some points like using animation in the MV, members unrevealed or unpredictable and so on. Now I’m excited with the music scene that makes me curious.