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オーディエンスは幸せ者:椎名林檎「ニュートンの林檎」を聴いて思うこと Audiences Are the Ones Who are Lucky: My Impression of the Album “Newton no Ringo” by Sheena Ringo


 Whenever I listen to Sheena Ringo’s songs, I realize that I’m lucky because I’m just an audience. I can see something terribly serious behind her works that are stoically crafted. Audiences, who just enjoy the results of creator’s talents and efforts at leisure, are the ones who are really lucky.



 It’s been about a month since the album of her best songs called “Newton no Ringo”, which is her first one, was released. The order of the songs shows her history as an artist. I have an impression that she showed how she was mature as a singer-song writer already in her first album, so I feel dizzy with the heights she reached as the result of accumulated efforts.



 In the TV program called “Switch Interview Tatsujintachi” by NHK, which was broadcast the other day, I was impressed by her words like, “Our shows are just the occasions that make the audiences’ lives more dramatic”, in the conversation with Kentaro Kobayashi. I could also tell her attitude as a creator watching her nodding at what Kobayashi said, “I don’t want people to feel how much effort I put into it”. I was sure that this album of her best songs is something really valuable when I heard her answering what Kobayashi asked, “Are you able to love your songs that you wrote in the past?”, and her answer was “It’s too embarrassing to appreciate them, even the assumptions of them. ”.   

 このアルバムは2枚組になっていて、それぞれの冒頭に新曲が入っています。次回disc1の「浪漫と算盤LDN ver.」の感想を書きます。

 This album consists of 2discs, and the first track of each disc is a new song. I’m going to write a review of the new song called “Roman to Soroban LDN ver.”, which is contained in the disc 1.