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He is a really attractive guy: ムロさんほんとに男前 ドラマ「大恋愛」を観て思い出したこと



 The story is developing blending the joy of living and the fear of the disease. They started to prepare for the new life to live together gaining people’s understanding, but the symptoms of Nao, played by Toda Erika, is gradually developing. Muro is so attractive that he even beats Matsuoka, a member of TOKIO, to it, and Toda seems to admit it so the audience are amused to see it.


 There was a comedy I loved very much and that was about a monster character called “Yokai Doshitarokashan” performed by Muro in the NHK program “LIFE”.  The character suddenly appeared saying “I’m wondering what I should do for you!” repeatedly to surprise people, but it actually had no plan to do, so, on the contrary, it was completely made a fool of by people. I saw his skill shone in there.


 Another comedy I liked more was the one Muro performed with an actress named Ishibashi Anna. The comedy started with the scene where a girl, played by Ishibashi Anna was receiving some money in exchange for a man’s watch with a broad smile at a pawnshop. Muro appeared there and said “It’s my precious watch that my dad gave me as a memento. Why can you bring it out without my consent!”. She winced just for a while but slapped him hard, mercilessly in the face shouting “It’s high time you look forward to the future instead of looking back! Your father would feel the same as me!!”. In another version, Muro asked her to give him back three hundred-thousand yen he had lent., and she spun around suddenly to slap him in the face then yelled “Pull yourself together! Don’t you see the richer you become and the poorer you are in spirit!!”. Her slap was really unreasonable and sharp one, but Muro who took it without any signs of fear was really cool.