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My impressions of new songs : 吉澤嘉代子さん「ミューズ」


 Yoshizawa Kayoko’s new song “Muse” was released last week. I’ve been looking forward to it since the MV was released on YouTube at the end of May. 

吉澤嘉代子「ミューズ」MUSIC VIDEO



 As I wrote before in this blog, the song among hers I come to like first was “Tejina”. I was amazed by its catchiness which reminds me of songs in the Showa era. I even thought that the song could be compared to ones sung by Candies who was a famous pop group at that time. “Muse” is also so catchy that I loved it at once. Her voice sounds not only cute but also somewhat deep and strong, I know this is just a personal opinion, and her way of breathing somehow makes me feel she is cast in the same mold as Shiina Ringo. The theme of the new song is cheering women who work hard, when I come to think of the fact that she sings variedly from love songs to comical ones like “Gari”, I’m sure she is extraordinarily talented.

 By the way, Muse seems to be the Goddess of art in Greek myths.