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This drama is also good, isn’t it?: このドラマもいいかも ムロツヨシさん出演「大恋愛~僕を忘れる君と」



 Muro Tsuyoshi is now really catching on. Muro appears in a drama titled “Dairenai” which is being broadcast by TBS at 10 p.m. on Friday and he plays a lover of Toda Erika showing the explosive attractiveness. The main character contracts Alzheimer’s disease so the theme of this drama is very serious. Even  so this drama somehow also makes you smile in many parts of it and that’s mainly because of Muro’s humorous expressions and performances, in addition to that, Tomizawa, one of the pair of the comedian “Sandwich Man” is also hilarious.



 I knew Muro for the first time through watching a comedy program called “LIFE” broadcast by NHK. I remember that he rather played characters who tended to be disliked by women in that program. In this drama, he plays an impoverished author, not writing anything now, who is deeply loved by a beautiful woman doctor played by Toda Erika. It was hard for me to imagine Muro being very popular by women, but he plays naturally the guy being loved by the woman. At the ending of the second episode, Nao, the main character, revealed that she was in the early stages of presenile dementia, after that Muro confessed his love to her and the lines he said at that moment was the best part of this episode. It was a kind of miraculous lines which made audience cry and laugh at the same time, so I wondered whether that was ad-lib or not. It seemed for me that Toda couldn’t help laughing really.

 Muro is also loved by Ishida Yuriko in a TV commercial. I begin to feel that he may be a really attractive guy.

[新ドラマ] 『大恋愛〜僕を忘れる君と』1分スペシャル予告動画!! 10/12(金)スタート!!【TBS】