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アウディS1オーナーレビュー③:内装や装備   An Owner’s Review of Audi S1③: The interior and the equipment


 I often see some reviews which say the interior or the equipment of the Audi S1 looks cheap or outdated for the price. The S1 was designed based on the 2011 A1, so I have to admit what they say. Even so I have a feeling that the S1’s interior and equipment are comfortable enough for me. I’m sometimes even impressed by the useful equipment of the European car which is over ten years old.


 What you will see first after you sit on the driving seat is the analog meter. The design and the legibility are excellent. The digital display between the speedometer and the tachometer shows the necessary information you choose such as the time, average fuel economy, travel distance, etc. You can operate it with the switches on the left part of the steering wheel. The other switches on the right part of the steering wheel are assigned to control the navigation system and the audio system. These navigation and audio systems are the things some people point out that they are outdated.

最近の新車、特に輸入車では、ナビよりもディスプレイオーディオを搭載しているものが多いようです。その場合、CarPlayAndroid Autoを通じてインターネット上のナビゲーションアプリを使用できます。タッチパネルは当たり前で、スマホタブレットのような操作が可能です。S1に搭載されているナビは、モニターが小さく、タッチパネルでもありません。しかし、ブルートゥースは使用できるので、スマホさえあれば、音楽もナビも不自由なく楽しめます。オーディオスイッチ類の操作も特に不便さは感じることはなく、むしろよくできているなと思ってしまいます。

It seems that a lot of new cars, especially imported ones, have display-audios instead of navigation systems these days. In that case, you can use navigation apps on the internet through CarPlay or Android Auto. They have touch screens, of course, so you can operate them like smartphones or tablets. The navigation system on the S1 has a small screen, and it is not the touch screen. However, it has Bluetooth so you can enjoy music or use navigation apps through your smartphone. The switches on the audio system are easy enough to operate, and I even have a feeling that they are quite good.  


 There are things that are quite useful as well. In the first place, there are a lot of interior lights. The ones above the rearview mirror are LED, and two of them are reading lights for the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. Each of the two sun visors has a mirror and when you slide the lid open, the light above the mirror turns on automatically. Besides, there are lumps in various places like above the pedals, beside the switches to control the window and the side mirror, under the doors (to light up your steps), and so on. Plus, each door has a BOSE speaker which has an LED rim.  


 In addition to it those things, the S1 has some other useful equipment like anti-glare rearview mirror, the function that tilts the side mirrors when you put the car in reverse, the intermittent wiper which change the interval automatically according to how hard the rain, and so on. However, even if the S1 doesn’t have such equipment, it makes you satisfied with its performance for sure.