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サイクリングの喜び:ノーパンク自転車を買いました The Delights of Cycling: I bought a bicycle featuring No Puncture Tires


 I’ve recently gotten another holiday pleasure. I go cycling early in the morning or in the evening on weekends. I’ve been feeling like keeping up my strength for these past several years so I had started several things like swimming, walking and so on, but couldn’t continue any of them for sure. I remembered that I liked to go cycling in my childhood so I searched some online shopping sites for bicycles and I was intrigued by the following phrase, “Folding Bicycle with No Puncture Tires”. I finally placed an order for it after thinking it over for a while.  



 The product's name is ‘PANGAEA’. It features 16 inch wheels and is so simple that it doesn’t have either a gearshift or shock absorbers. The price was thirteen thousand yen. It was easy to assemble. I rode it and soon felt that the no puncture tires directly convey the bumps in the road. Even so, it is comfortable enough to go down paved roads.



 I bought the bicycle in January. These past four months, I’ve ridden it on holidays and some weekdays when I went home early, so I ride it two or three times a week on average. I’m realizing how useful the no puncture tires are as time goes by. I can say this is surely a maintenance-free bicycle for the time being. At first, I was satisfied with riding around the neighborhood, then I tried to go further away and ended up finding a nice path for cycling along the shore. I can enjoy the nice view of the calm Omura bay from the straight path which is over a kilometer long. The path runs behind the national road, which is a typical suburban one where a lot of large stores stand in a row, and you can see some people walking or fishing there. The route I usually take is about 4.5 kilometers long and I sweat enough to feel refreshed when I go back home. The bicycle is so small but it really makes me feel good because it opened up a new world to me.