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歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第6巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the sixth volume)


 Sakamoto Ryoma begins to show what he is made of from this volume. By the way, what was Ryoma’s talent like. First, he had the ability for collecting data, and second, he also had the ability to analyze and put things together to predict the future. You may say those abilities are nothing special but the greatest thing about him is the energy and the power to act based on the prospect.  


 The summary written on the back cover of the sixth volume is as follows.


“It’s not impossible to overthrow Tokugawa shogunate if Satsuma and Choshu join hands in that. However, there was no one who believed such thing would happen because those two domains are on very bad terms. A ronin did a miracle. Ryoma did that with a do-or-die spirit and the Satsuma-Choshu alliance was achieved in Kyoto under the severe surveillance by the shogunate in January 1866. The road to overthrowing the shogunate opened wide then.”


 Most of royalists were just thinking of fighting together with Choshu which was on the verge of death at that time. However, Ryoma tried to break a deadlock viewing the situation from a different angle. What he did was something more practical, and it was to bind those two domains with common interests. Then he undertook mediation between them.


 In the course of his action, he established a company called Kameyama Shachu in Nagasaki. Then he guided Choshu through the war against the shogunate to victory cooperating with Takasugi Shinsaku steering a sailing boat featuring a steam engine, the name of the ship was Union, which he finally obtained. Around that time he was attacked and wounded by Shinsengumi in an inn called Teradaya and then went to Kagoshima partly on honeymoon and partly to heal the wounds. Shiba Ryotaro describe his hectic activities skillfully to fascinate readers. 

竜馬がゆく(六) (文春文庫)

竜馬がゆく(六) (文春文庫)