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歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第5巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the fifth volume)


 From the standpoint of modern people, it seems that Meiji Restoration happened in the course of events. It is true that the nature of the restoration is quite different from that of the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution, even so the anti-shogunate movement is surely a kind of revolution and it required so many lives of people concerned.


 The summary written on the back cover of the fifth volume is as follows.


“The current of the times becomes tense rapidly through some bloody events such as Ikedaya no Hen, Hamagurigomon no Hen, and so on. However, The Tokugawa Shogunate’s foundation still seems to be firm. It is still too soon to do things like that……. Ryoma sheds silent tears thinking over the deaths of like-minded people. Ryoma is also in distress. His grandiose scheme came to nothing because Kobe Naval Training School, which Ryoma rush around to establish, was ordered to be dissolved by the shogunate.”


 This story has a light tone, in my opinion, due to the character of the protagonist.  However, the events described in the fifth volume gives us a gloomy, cold impression. I wonder how many royalists died before achieving their ambition. Shiba Ryotaro mentioned their names as much as possible. I felt weary about such part when I first read this book. Now I know I was wrong because such part makes this book worth reading. They had their own names, their own family, and they lived their own lives as we do now. We live in the world built on the sacrifice of them. That’s why we read historical novels, I guess.  


 Ryoma also experiences setbacks such as loosing close friends, having to dissolve Kobe Naval Training School, and so on. However, his great activities starts when he overcomes those setbacks. 


竜馬がゆく(五) (文春文庫)

竜馬がゆく(五) (文春文庫)