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エビ中を聴いた外国人の反応は?②: YouTuber Max and Sujy react to「紅の詩」 How do foreigners react to Ebichu's songs②: YouTuber Max and Sujy react to "Kurenai no Uta"



 They finally play the song.


(1:31~ ※動画の経過時間ですthe lapse of time in the video)

Max: So OK, Let’s get started!   では、行ってみよう!

<イントロ at the introduction of the song>

Max: Oh! Nice!   わぁ、いいね!

Sujy; Wow, a lot! たくさんいる!

Max: Six of them 6人だね


柏木ひなたさんを見て Watching Kashiwagi Hinata moving)

Max: Her face is so pretty! 可愛い顔してる!

Sujy: Oh, my god! 最高!


<Aメロの後 after the verse>


Sujy: Sukini!  スキニ!


Max: Sukini? All of their voices are so different. I thought all of them got a cute innocent voice and it is true but all of their tone is really different.


Sujy: I mean, for me, it’s cute but it’s so powerful you know it’s like, when we watch animation or something like that, and they are like being a different character.


Max: They remind me a little bit of YOASOBI, the singer that we already took up a few times, maybe that your star? But it’s really good. They are dressed like high-school students or so (I can’t catch this part). Let me play a little bit.



安本彩花さんを観て  Watching Yasumoto Ayaka singing)

Max: Whew! ヒューッ!



 The next time, I’ll tell you about their reaction after they listen to the chorus. Some parts are quite difficult for me to understand so I’m listen to it intently now. 




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