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キャラ立ちが半端ないドラマ:篠原涼子さん主演「ハケンの品格」 A drama in which the characterization is extremely well done: ‘Haken no Hinkaku’ starring Shinohara Ryoko



  How funny this drama is! I’m exhilarated by every word and every move of the protagonist, and sometimes burst into laughter. ‘Haken no Hinkaku’, broadcast at 10 p.m. every Wednesday, is hilarious.


  The following is that I cited from the Nippon TV website.


 大前春子(篠原涼子)…... 膨大な資格とスキルを武器に腕一本で生き抜く、時給のお高い一匹狼のスーパーハケン。

 Omae Haruko (Shinohara Ryoko) …... Haruko is A lone-wolf dispatch employee whose hourly wage is quite high surviving hard work with enormous qualifications and skills.

 里中賢介(小泉幸太郎)…... 営業企画課・課長。誠実で上司の覚えもめでたく、なんだかんだと出世コースに。

  Satonaka Kensuke (Koizumi Kotaro) …... Kensuke is the sales planning section manager. He is so sincere that he is popular with his boss and steadily climbing up the corporate ladder in spite of himself.

 東海林 武(大泉 洋)…... 営業1課・課長。暑苦しい昭和男。一度結婚したがすぐに離婚した。この度、営業1課・課長に就任。

  Shoji Takeshi (Oizumi Yo) …... Takeshi is the first sales section manager. He is a man of hot blood, a typical guy born in the Showa era. He once got married but soon divorced. He has just been appointed manager of the first sales section.

 このほかにも、伊東四朗さん、勝地 涼さん、上地雄輔さんなど、13年前のシリーズから引き続き出演されている方が多くいます。

  In addition to these leading actors, there are many actors who also appeared in the first series of this drama broadcast 13 years ago such as Ito Shiro, Katsuji Ryo, Kamiji Yusuke, and so on.

 13年ぶりの続編を楽しみにしていたくせに、第2話まで見逃しでした。第3話から見始めたのですが、篠原さん演じる大前春子のキャラの勢いに一切のかげりもなく楽しく視聴できた反面、実は物足りなくも感じました。理由は明白です。第3話には、大泉さん演じる東海林 武の姿がなかったからでした。残念に思っていたら、第4話からはちゃんと登場して、面白さは倍増しました。当たり前かもしれませんが、東海林が登場してからというもの、大前春子はもちろん、小泉さん演じる里中賢介というキャラまで見事に生彩を取り戻しています。大前春子にいじられる東海林の反応の可笑しみは半端ないです。二人の間をとりなそうとする里中の人の好さというのは、視聴者までほっこりさせられます。

 It was a shame that I missed the first and the second episodes even though I was really looking forward to this drama, the sequel of the old series that a lot of people loved 13 years ago. I started to watch it from the third episode and found the character of Omae Haruko, played by Shinohara, is exactly the same as it was before so I enjoyed a lot, but, at the same time, somehow felt something lacking. The reason is obvious. Shoji Takeshi, played by Oizumi, didn’t appear in the third episode. I felt sorry but he showed up from the fourth episode properly making the drama doubly interesting. It may be needless to say that the characters of Omae Haruko, of course, and even Satonaka Kensuke, played by Koizumi, getting lively all the more since Shoji appeared. How hilarious Shoji’s reaction is when Omae Haruko makes a fool of him! The good nature of Satonaka, who always tries to intervene them, warms even audience’s heart.


 Their company S&F, a food company, is financially troubled now so they set about reducing personnel, and Satonaka ends up being appointed as the person in charge of it. I’m looking forward to seeing how things go.

13年ぶりのハケンの品格あの人が復活 2020/03/18