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この季節に聴きたい曲:さだまさし「雨やどり」 Songs I Want to Listen to at This Time of Year: ‘Amayadori’ by SADA MASASHI


   The rainy season has started here in Japan. There is a song that I want to listen to on a rainy day, and the song is ‘Amayadori’ by SADA MASASHI. 

さだまさし - 雨やどり





   It happened when I didn’t believe in God

   On a Thursday in September, it started to rain

   I was just hoping someone meant for me appear

   when you ran under the eaves taking shelter from rain








 You said you were sorry and smiled

  The smile looked somehow manly for me

  There was a bad tooth at the fourth from the front

  The only thing I could think of was to lend

  a handkerchief with Snoopy printed onto it

  but an umbrella was better, wasn’t it?




 もしも もしも 出来ることでしたれば

 あの人に も一度逢わせてちょうだいませませ

 But his refreshing personality was so lovely

   So I turned to God for help

   If, if it is possible,

   Please, please let me see him again



 I love the lyrics which have an air of Japanese girls’ comics, and it somehow reminds me of the early style of Iwadate Mariko, my favorite comic artist. The lyrics are full of Sada’s own unique brand of humor, so it has the twist at the end. This song was released in 1977 and it was the second single for Sada after going solo. The 70’s was, in my opinion, rather drab and depressive, even so it also had some bright and warm color aspects and this song might be an embodiment of that.


  I have a feeling that Sada’s personality and features shows something typical of local people in Nagasaki. A local person like me have a deep affection for this song, which reminds me of some streets in Nagasaki, among many songs by Sada. I heard that this song was the first one in the set list for the concert which held in Nagasaki last year. I’d like to enjoy this song and laugh at his hilarious MC in his live concert some time in the future.   

さだまさし/グレープ ベスト 1973-1978

さだまさし/グレープ ベスト 1973-1978

  • 発売日: 2009/07/29
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