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なぜか飽きない映画:アーノルド・シュワルツェネッガー主演「トータル・リコール」(1990) Movies Somehow I Can’t Get Enough of: “Total Recall” (1990), Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger


トータル・リコール(1990年) 日本版劇場用予告篇

 Everybody is talking about the movie called “Terminator: Dark Fate” recently. I’m exited with joy just because this movie is officially the sequel to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991), but it sometimes happens that a sequel to a great masterpiece could be disappointing, so I somehow hesitate to go to the movie. Terminator 2 is something special for me to such an extent that I want to insist that this is the movie worth calling an authentic entertainment. However, I hesitate to decide it as the best movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s because there is a movie that is as good as Terminator 2 for me. The movie is the SF film called “Total Recall”, which was released in 1990, the year before Terminator 2 was released.



 The story is set in the near future when human beings has already established a colony in Mars. Douglas Quaid is an ordinary worker, who lives with just his wife, and they have been married for 8 years. He is somehow attracted by Mars so much that he dreams about it every night. However, Lori, his wife, is far from accepting his wish to move to mars, she even tries to change the subject. Quaid is interested in an advertisement for a company called Rekall in a train, and it says“We provide memories of a travel”. He consults Harry, who is one of Quaid’s coworker, about Rekall, but Harry tries to tell him to give up that thing with a frown. He eventually can’t help going to the office of Rekall in order to try the virtual travel. By doing that, he ends up being assaulted by Harry, and even his wife, then he knew who he is and finally goes to Mars…….  



 I can’t forget how this movie impacted on me when I saw it in a movie theater. At first, I was exhilarated by the special effects, which were something unconventional at that time. However, I was impressed by the story itself even more. I was moved because the movie was so magnificent without contradiction. I knew that the video of this movie is available now on Amazon Prime for free, so I watched it again. The streets which can be seen in this movie reminded me of Blade Runner. The names of some Japanese companies are seen on the buildings as in Blade Runner, too. I realized Schwarzenegger’s unexpectedly expressive face, acting ability, and his action, even though I had been impressed only by his muscle in other movies featuring him.


 I heard that the original story was a short novel. I just wanted to read it so I bought it on Kindle. I’m going to review it after reading it. 

トータル・リコール [DVD]

トータル・リコール [DVD]