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好きなアルバムから3曲:関取花「蛍」(3rdアルバム「ただの思い出にならないように」より①) Picking out three songs from one of my favorite albums:‘Hotaru’ by Hana Sekitori (From her third album ‘Tada no Omoide ni Naranaiyo ni’①)


 You’ll find a singing voice that captures your heart here. Her voice is relaxed and soothing very much, plus so strong that stirs your heart.

関取花 蛍

 誰もが皆 寝静まった頃に向かうよ

 二階の窓 少しだけ開けておいてよ

 僕が迎えに行くから 君を連れて行くから

  I’ll be there when everyone else has gone to sleep

   Open the window of the upstairs room a little

   I’ll come and pick you up, I’ll take you out


 憂鬱なんて切り裂いて 真っ暗闇を駆け抜けて


 傷口に冗談塗って 風にさらして乾かして

 星屑の川のほとり ふたりだけの光 灯す蛍になろう

   Tearing up the melancholy, running through the darkness

   Let’s go somewhere no one knows

   Putting some joke on the wound, Drying it in the wind

   Let’s become fireflies to cast our own lights on the bank of the milky way


 誰かがほら 指をさして僕らを笑うよ

 魔法にでも かけられたつもりなのかと

 夢を見ているだけだと どうせすぐに消えるよと

   Look, somebody is laughing at us pointing his finger at us

   Have you thought that a spell was cast on you?

   It’s just a dream and it will soon disappear


 退屈なやつらなんて 真っ暗闇に置き去って


 円を描いてじゃれあって たまに見つめて微笑んで

 星屑の川のほとり ふたりだけの光 灯す蛍になろう

   Leaving the boring guys behind in the darkness

   Let’s go somewhere no one knows

   Drawing a circle and play around, gazing and smiling at each other once in a while  

   Let’s become fireflies to cast our own lights on the bank of the milky way



    From the part of the lyrics,‘Tearing up the melancholy…’, the chorus begins, and it makes me feel extremely good. I almost hum it anywhere in spite of myself when I listen to it through earphone closing my eyes, I immediately come to like this song as soon as I heard the chorus for the first time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song became a big hit. 




  • 花澤 香菜
  • アニメ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  Hana Sekitori wrote a song called ‘Oshiete’, which is contained in Kana Hanazawa’s 3rd album ‘Kokobase’ (2019), and I came to know her as a song writer through it. That song was really good because it was full of gentleness and made me relaxed, so I came to feel like listening to her singing. I’m so happy now that I could add another singer to the list of my favorite singers. 



  • アーティスト:関取 花
  • 発売日: 2018/06/13
  • メディア: CD