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好きなアルバムから3曲:ジョージ・エズラ「Staying at Tamara’s」(2018)より③「Hold My Girl」 Picking out three songs from one of my favorite albums: From ‘Staying at Tamara’s’, released in 2018, by George Ezra③, ‘Hold My Girl’


 This song starts with an acoustic guitar, and it is so good that it gradually comes home to me. With the first listen, it sounds like a love song, but also sounds like a song of a one sided love.

George Ezra - Hold My Girl (Official Video) 

  I’ve been waiting for you

  To come around and tell me the truth

 ‘Bout everything that you’re going through

  My girl you’ve got nothing to lose


  こっちに来て ほんとのことを言ってくれないかな


  ねえ 失うことなんて何もないんだから


  Cold nights and the Sunday mornings  

  On your way and out of the grey

  冷たい夜が続いて 日曜の朝

  自分の道を進んで この暗がりから出てみよう


 I’ve got time, I’ve got love

  Got confidence you’ll rise above

  Give me a minute to hold my girl

  Give me a minute to hold my girl

  僕には時間がある 僕には愛がある

     自信をもって 目指すところへ




  Crowded town or silent bed

  Pick a place to rest your head

  Give me a minute to hold my girl

  Give me a minute to hold my girl

  人いきれの街角 それとも静かなベッド






 Translated in this way, it sounds like a song to encourage a girl. I asked my friend Ben, an English guy, how he feels about it, he answered that, after a thoughtful pause, ‘It’s ambiguous. I guess it depends on the person how it sounds’. I said that the ambiguousness is a merit of George Ezra’s songs, and he nodded.

George Ezra & Friends - Episode 1 - Ed Sheeran



 George Ezra has released an interview show on podcast since February 2018. The first guest was Ed Sheeran. I checked it and found all the episodes are available. I’d like to give it a try to improve my English skills.

  I don’t know when he will come to Japan, but if he does, I’d like to go to his concert. 

Hold My Girl

Hold My Girl

  • George Ezra
  • シンガーソングライター
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes