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My impressions of TV dramas : 菅田将暉さん・山田孝之さんW主演「dele(ディーリー)」



 I sometimes wonder what the charm of Suda Masaki is. He is so attractive that even a male like me is attracted in spite of myself. Even if the plot of a drama is not so interesting, you can watch it just because of his charm. He can make us feel he is a kind of most playful guy but actually serious, and he may know what matters most in life. He can also make us believe he is quite nosy and shallow but actually so considerate that he tries to understand the sensitive feelings of a child, plus, he himself is a guy who never loses his innocent curiosity of a child. I probably had the same feeling to Kimura Takuya when he was young. Yamada Takayuki is also second to none in being an actor who is attractive even for men. The fact that these two men are featured both as main characters in a drama skyrockets our expectation limitlessly.   

dele.DOCUMENT PR動画 Ver.1

dele.DOCUMENT PR動画 Ver.2


 The first episode of “dele” which is broadcast at 11:15 p.m. on every Friday was so good that it didn’t let the audience who had had that expectation down at all. I’m quite interested in the theme “disposal of a deceased’s digital data” in the first place. Sakagami Keishi is a programmer in a wheelchair, and his job is deleting some particular data of clients who made a contract with him after their death. His job is warranted by his sister named Sakagami Mai, played by Aso Kumiko, who is an efficient lawyer. One day, she brought a guy named Mashiba Yutaro, played by Suda Masaki, as an assistant for her brother in a wheelchair. At first, Keishi was dubious about his ability due to his easy going attitude, then he has Yutaro do a job and see how he is going to deal with it…….    


 There is definitely something so unpredictable that I really want to know in the plot, plus, the manly charms of the two actors were drawn out well. I think this drama will add a new page to the history of some type of good dramas in which two male protagonists do dangerous actions like “Kizudarake no Tenshi”, “Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi” and so on.


 Good news to someone who missed the first episode, you can watch it on the website of TV Asahi without paying for a week.