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エビ中「playlist」の魅力②:ノリのいい曲「SHAKE! SHAKE!」 The Charm of the Album “playlist” by Ebichu②: “SHAKE! SHAKE!”, A Song That Is So Groovy

 いきなりのボーカルから始まるこの「SHAKE! SHAKE! 」は、ワウを効かせたギターをバックに、歯切れのよいラップで進行していく、疾走感あふれる曲です。

 Starting with the vocal part suddenly, this song goes rapidly with crisp rapping and the guitar phrase, effected by wah pedal, in the background, 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes





(Kobayashi) Being just the same as ever

               I’ll keep on walking without knowing anything

               Skip and say good-bye

               Say it out loud


    加速するDAYS 加熱するBODY

    私の愛 受け取れない?(イイヨー!!)

    青二才 でもこの際

    火遊びしてみる?By my side

(Kashiwagi) Hey!

     The days go by acceleratingly        The body heats up

     Can’t you accept my love? (Why not? )

     Still raw youths, but it’s a good chance

     How about flirting with me? Stay by my side


(星名)Time goes by

    磨けば輝くっしょ いけるっしょ?

    そんなエモめの土曜もChange up

    ちょっとサビまでstay up

(Hoshina) Time goes by

            It will shine with some polishing

     It will work

            Even on such an emotional Saturday, you can change up

            Until the catchy part, you can stay up


(Kobayashi) A late bloomer


(Nakayama) I’ll be shine even more from now on


(Kobayashi) Love and justice


(ALL) Come along with us, I’ll kick some asses



(Mayama) Being just the same as ever

     I’ll keep on walking without knowing anything


 (ALL) Skip and say good-bye           



(Yasumoto) I can’t finish because I haven’t even started

              No way

(ALL)Hey! (Hey!)




  (Kobayashi) You shouldn’t keep silent that way

            Say it out loud

            Come on


 ラップとアイドルってとっても相性がいいと、初めて感じたのはSMAPでした。ラップに乗せてメンバーを紹介していく彼らの「Five True Love」や「Five Respect」などにおいては、単調に感じがちなラップが、声質の違う複数の人間でつないでいくことで、むしろ賑やかさを生み出す要素になっていました。ここでも同じ効果が見られます。エビ中の一人一人の声にははっきりした色の違いを感じます。それぞれのメンバーカラーは声質から連想する色そのもののように思います。メンバーカラー、イエローの小林さんの、明るい声で歌い出されるこの「SHAKE! SHAKE!」は、本当にキラキラとしたアイドルらしい輝きに満ちています。

 It was SMAP that showed how rap music goes well with an idol group. I found some of their tunes like “Five True Love”, “Five Respect” and so on, quite lively due to the rapping, which could be dull in some cases, because it is done by various vocalists with various types of voices. The same thing happenes here. Each member of Ebichu has a distinctive voice. Each of them is allotted a color, and, in my opinion, the color is the same as the color I feel from each voice of them. This song “SHAKE! SHAKE!”, which is started by Kobayshi whose color is yellow, is really brilliant and sparkling as a typical idol song.    





  • ポルカドットスティングレイ
  • ロック
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  This song was written by Shizuku, a member of the band called Polkadot Stingray, This band also has a rap song, but it was a bit unpredictable for me that they produced such a pop song which goes well with Ebichu so much, and I somehow felt glad about it. I wonder I’m the only person who has an impression that the quality of her voice and the way of singing of her are similar to those of Ringo Sheena. I remember I was reminded of Tokyo Jihen when I listened to a song by Polkadot Stingray for the first time. The fact that this album contains such a song that is produced by the band like that proves this album is something distinctively unique.     



【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)

【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)