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エビ中「playlist」の魅力①:踊ってる姿が浮かぶ曲「ちがうの」 The Charm of the Album “playlist” by Ebichu: “Chigau no”,A Song That Reminds Me of Them Dancing


 In my opinion, songs, that are typical of idol groups, are the sort of ones to remind me of them dancing. I could vividly imagine the members of Ebichu dancing when I listened to this song even before watching the MV to it. However, it is not that their characteristics, which I’ve ever felt to them, can be seen in this song. The lyrics and also the tune itself evoke a feeling of novelty. 

ちがうの 「ようこそ秋冬ホールツアー2019~世界のみなさんおめでとうアイドルって楽しい~ 」Ver.





 In a room which is brightly colored

 You’ll always be alone

 I couldn’t make up my mind what to do

 I wonder what I looked like during that time




 I try to find you through an early summer rain falling

 However, I can’t, so I’m dying to see you

 Turn to me right away, and look


 ちがうの ねえ ちがうの ねえ

 誰を見間違えたの ねえ

 Just listen to me

 You are wrong, see? You’ve got it wrong!

 Who did you mistook me for, huh?

 許すっていってよBaby とても単純に

 誤解よ 空似よ

 Bye Bye Boy again

 Fly Fly My Mistake

 Bye Bye Coming Again

 誤解よ 空似よ


 Please forgive me, baby, just do it

 You misunderstood, it’s a chance likeness

    Bye Bye Boy again

 Fly Fly My Mistake

 Bye Bye Coming Again

 You misunderstood, it’s a chance likeness



ビッケブランカ / 『まっしろ』(official music video)(日本テレビ系水曜ドラマ『獣になれない私たち』挿入歌)

 This song was written by Vickeblanka. I’ve heard his name since long before, but I haven’t listened to his songs properly. I remember that his song “Masshiro”, a song that was sung at some parts of the 2018 drama called “Kemono ni Narenai Watashi-tachi”, was much on people’s lips at that time.

 「ちがうの」は、一聴しただけでは、そんなに印象に残りませんでした。でも、聴けば聴くほどいろんな音が聞こえてきて、どんどんハマっていきます。星野源さんの「POP VIRUS」の楽曲に感じるような楽しさがあります。曲の展開においても、Aメロでの四つ打ちから、Bメロでいったんつんのめらせた挙句に、またサビでの四打ちで連れていくところなど、アゲアゲな気持ちにさせるものになっています。他の曲も全てそうですが、シングルカットしてもおかしくない曲です。

 I was not particularly impressed with the song "Chigau-no" at first. However, the more I listen to it, the more I’m into it due to the variety of sounds you can hear in it. The enjoyment I get there is almost the same as that I get from the tunes in the album called “POP VIRUS” by Gen Hoshino. The way of developing the song is well devised, for example, the four-on-the-floor rhythm patten is used in the verse, then it stopped at the bridge making you pitch forward, and it starts again at the chorus so that you can easily groove on it. This song could be released as a single, even though all the other tracks are the same. 


playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(特典なし)

playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(特典なし)