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スカパラやっぱかっこいい!:SONGS OF TOKYO フェスティバル2019  Sure Enough, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Is So Cool!: SONGS OF TOKYO Festival in 2019

 これは、地上波でもやらないともったいないです。NHKのオンライン配信番組、「SONGS OF TOKYO」のフェスティバル2019という特別企画は、とっても充実した内容でした。


 It would be worth broadcasting on TV, because many people would want to watch this. The special event called Festival 2019 in “SONGS OF TOKYO”, NHK’s online program, was something substantial.



 This program was distributed in four parts, and every part was really good, but the best part for me was the 4th one, in which Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra appeared. They played 3 tunes and then there was a interview, which was rather long.

 The tunes they played was as follows.

  1. Paradise Has No Border

   2. 銀河と迷路(Galaxy and Labyrinth)

  1. Peddlers




東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ 「Paradise Has No Border」(Live Ver. ゲスト:さかなクン)



 How can they get the audience fired up that much? I was so ecstatic that I felt like dancing in spite of myself. The foreigners in the studio were really dancing.

 In the interview, Atsushi Yanaka mainly answered the questions. He mentioned what has happened in their 30-year history, such as playing on the street, members who died, and so on. They also talked about some overseas performances that made me filled with a warm emotion.


 嬉しいことに、「SONGS OF TOKYO フェスティバル2019」は4部とも、2月1日まで、番組のサイト内で視聴できる模様です。

 Their 30th anniversary album “Tsugi Hagi colorful” was released on Nov. 20. This album, which consists of two discs, the one with vocalists and the other instrumental, is so substantial that I can say it is a kind of compilation of their achievement. I’m going to review this album next time.

 To my great joy, all four parts of “SONGS OF TOKYO Festival in 2019” is available on the website of the program for free.