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今頃知ったいい曲:竹内まりや「プラスティック・ラブ」 Songs I come to know after all this time: “Plastic Love” by Mariya Takeuchi




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  I know that Mariya Takeuchi has a lot of fans. The song I love best was “September”. Actually, I’m not a big fan of her so all that I knew about her was just a few songs and the fact that she is the wife of Tatsuro Yamashita.    

 この夏、関東に住む友人宅に泊めてもらいました。自分など足元にも及ばないほど音楽好きの友人ですが、その晩、聴かせてもらったCDに竹内まりやさんのものがあり、妙に気に入って自分でも買ってしまいました。「VARIETY 30th Anniversary Edition」と題された5年前のアルバムです。1984年に発売されたものにボーナス・トラックを加えたものです。作詞作曲は全てご本人が行っています。 

  I stayed at my friend’s place in Kanto area for a few days this summer. He knows many songs far better than me and one of the CDs that he played for me that night was Mariya Takeuchi’s. I came to like it soon, so I bought the same CD, which is an album called “VARIETY 30th Anniversary Edition” released 5 years ago. The original album was released in 1984 and some bonus tracks were added to this version.  All the tracks were written by her. 


Mariya Takeuchi Plastic Love 竹内 まりや/プラスティック・ラブ

 My favorite is “Plastic Love” among the tracks in the CD. This song, which sounds like AOR, is a kind of song that Tatsuro Yamashita would write. It must be a very famous song but I didn’t know. Listening to it in my car at night makes me feel good.  

 10月のMUSIC MAGAZINEは、ちょうど彼女の特集でした。9月にデビュー40周年を記念したアルバム「Turntable」を出したばかりとのことで、インタビュー記事が載っていました。プラスティック・ラブはここ数年、シティ・ポップとして再評価され、ブームになっていることも初めて知りました。シンガーソングライターとしての竹内まりやさんの素晴らしさを改めて実感しています。

 The October issue of MUSIC MAGAZINE featured her. She just released the 40th anniversary album titled “Turntable” in September, so there was an article based on her interview. I’ve never known that “Plastic Love” has become popular again as a city-pop, a genre some people call only in Japan, these past several years. I’m now realizing how good she is as a singer-songwriter.