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スカパラ 歌モノの魅力:デビュー30周年記念アルバム「ツギハギカラフル」レビュー① The Attractiveness of the Tunes Featuring Vocalists by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: The First Review of Their 30th Anniversary Album “Tsugi Hagi Colorful”


 This album is so attractive because it gives me miscellaneous, but colorful impressions. This is the 30th anniversary, also the 22nd  original album for them, and it consists of two discs, the one with tunes featuring vocalists and the other with instrumentals.


 The tracks contained in the first disc is as follows.

 01. Jamaica Ska feat.キヨサク(MONGOL800)&TAKUMA(10-FEET)
 02. ツギハギカラフル ※映画『任俠学園』主題歌
 03. リボン feat.桜井和寿
 04. 遊戯みたいにGO ※日本テレビドラマ『遊戯みたいにいかない。』主題歌
 05. ザ・ターミナル -Monsieur Periné Remix-
 06. ちえのわ feat.峯田和伸
 07. メモリー・バンド
 08. 明日以外すべて燃やせ feat.宮本浩次
 09. 風のプロフィール feat.習志野高校吹奏楽

「リボン feat. 桜井和寿(Mr.Children)」Music Video / TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA

「風のプロフィール feat. 習志野高校吹奏楽部」Music Video / TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA 

 1曲目に参加されている10-FEETのTAKUMAさんと言えば、20thアルバムに収録されている「Samurai Dreamers〈サビレルナ和ヨ〉」が大好きでした。思わず笑ってしまうくらいカッコよくて、ヘビロテしまくりでした。沖祐市さんの口笛で始まる7曲目はゲストボーカルなしで、メンバーの沖さんと茂木さんのツイン・ボーカルになっています。宮本浩次さんが参加している8曲目も好みです。椎名林檎さんとの共演で歌い手としての実力を思い知った宮本浩次さんですが、ここでもよい仕事をされています。9曲目の「風のプロフィール」は、Mステでも披露された習志野高校吹奏楽部とのコラボ曲です。若者を応援する歌詞がとっても素敵で、MVを観ると勝手に目頭が熱くなります。

Samurai Dreamers -サビレルナ和ヨ- feat.TAKUMA(10-FEET)/TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA

 When I think of TAKUMA from 10-FEET, who is featured in the first track, I remember that there was another song featuring him, it was the song called “Samurai Dreamers〈Sabireruna Wa Yo〉”, contained in the 20th album. This song was so cool that I smiled in spite of myself, and I used to listen to it repeatedly. The 7th track, which starts with Yuichi Oki whistling at the beginning, is sang by two members, Oki and Motegi, not by guest vocalists. The 8th track sang by Hiroji Miyamoto is also my favorite. I realized how great he is as a singer when I heard him singing with Ringo Shiina before, and he did a good job here, too. The 9th track called “Kaze no Profile” is a collaboration with Narashino high school brass band, and this song was performed on the TV program called Music Station. The lyrics which cheers young people are so good, so I almost cry when I watch the MV of it.

高橋幸宏 -water melon-


 If someone asks me which song I like best among their songs featuring vocalists, I’d choose “WATERMELON” with Yukihiro Takahashi as a vocalist. It is said that the first songs featuring vocalists are the ones released in 2002 with such vocalists as Takao Tajima, Tamio Okuda and so on. However, this song “WATERMELON” released in 1995 is also good, and it exhilarates me with its summer atmosphere.