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やっぱり面白いドラマ:「俺の話は長い」 Sure enough, this drama is enjoyable: “Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai”



 The more I watch this drama, the more I strongly feel that this is another Tora’s story in Reiwa. I wonder why this drama, which is just depicting a family life, is so enjoyable.


 Mitsuru, the main character who is played by Toma Ikuta, is someone totally different from Tora. Far from going on a trip, he just stays at home. He is tall, well-proportioned, and even stylish. He is popular with women, too.


 Even so, I can’t call him a winner. That’s because he is the most embarrassed person financially among the people around him and doesn’t look promising at all. Although he is such a person like that, he speaks as if he knows things better than anyone else and he always talks somebody down and ends up making people worry about him. However, he can’t overlook someone in trouble, so he unexpectedly cares about his brother in law, or his niece.  




 I have affection for each actor in this drama, as always I do when I find a drama so good. Actually, I didn’t like those actors, Toma Ikuta, Eiko Koike, and Ken Yasuda so much before. Now, they are my favorite actors through this drama. Even Kaya Kiyohara, a young actor still in her teens who plays Mitsuru’s niece, shows impressive performance.

 I have an impression that this drama is a new type of drama which depicts family life quite differently from previous ones, so now I’m looking forward to every Saturday.