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ちょい猫映画:シガニー・ウィーバー主演「エイリアン」 Movies in which cats appear a bit: “Alien” Starring Sigourney Weaver



 I guess many people think of this movie first when they hear SF horror film.  Although it was released forty years ago, way back in 1979, I still feel something new to it. Certainly, I can find many things out of date such as the user interface on the terminal, the bulky monitor,  the cheesy special effects, and so on. However, the script and the direction are so good that I don’t care such trifles.



 A cat is doing a good job in this movie, too. Somehow a cat is on board the commercial space tug Nostromo. The tabby, who is called Jones, survives the horrible situation with Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). While he served as a source of relaxation for the crew, he also raises the feeling of tension because the crew mistake the sounds he makes or the sign of him for the Alien’s. At the scene of the first attack to the crew by the Alien, you can’t see what’s happening there. All you can see is the horrified look on Jones’ face in close-up filling the screen, and in this way,  the audience are scared all the more.  


 According to Wikipedia, there were four cats for the role of Jones. There seems to be an episode that Sigourney Weaver suffered bloodshot eyes due to those cats.



 I'm afraid but, this is my cat, Ocha.