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ドラマ「少年寅次郎」について②:登場人物が愛おしいドラマ My Impression of the Drama, “Shonen Torajiro” ②: A Drama That Makes Me Feel Deep Affection for the Characters



 Torajiro became a junior high school student in the third episode. Another actor took over the role, but even so I feel something typical of Tora all the more.


 In this episode, his first love is depicted. The girl who Tora has deep affection for is a female worker working at the printing office right behind Kurumaya. There is a guy who she has a crush on as I thought it would be, and Tora ends up cheering her love. It is really like him so I’m exhilarated with his clumsy one-sided love knowing how he feels.       


 The actors who play Tora’s dear uncle, aunt, and the chief priest of the nearby temple try to portray the characteristics of them very well through their slightest gestures or ways of saying things. Thanking them for taking the efforts, fans of Tora can enjoy this drama without objection feeling nostalgia.



 The part that impresses me most is how to portray the people who didn’t appear on the original movies. You can tell the characters of some people such as Mitsuko, who raised Tora, and Heizo, who is Tora’s real father, very well. I’m surprised especially by the performance of Katsuya Maiguma who plays Heizo, because I can tell the same genes in him as Tora’s.  He looks like someone bold and bighearted at first, but actually is coward, and sometimes makes me laugh with his obstinate, conceited personality realizing Tora inherited his character from his father.  


 Now I feel deep affection all the more for Tora and the people around him through this drama. So I’d love to watch the movie series again starting with the first one.