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「男はつらいよ お帰り寅さん」を観て:シリーズが持つルーティンの魅力 My impression of the movie “Otoko wa Tsurai yo Okaeri Tora-san”: The Attractive Routine of the Series

 「男はつらいよ お帰り寅さん」を観に行きました。主人公不在でどこまでやれるのか、この映画は本来不可能なことに挑戦しています。いないのはわかっていながら、とにかく寅さんに会いたくて行きました。結論から言えば、ファンの期待に精一杯応えてくれている出来栄えで、満足感をもって映画館を出ました。

 I went to a movie called “Otoko wa Tsurai yo Okaeri Tora-san”. This movie took up a challenge of something impossible because the main character was absent. I just wanted to see Tora-san, so I went to the movie theater despite knowing that he was not there. I can say this movie is, to begin from the conclusion, is excellent because it lives up to our expectation. I left the movie theater with great satisfaction.  

映画『男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん』予告映像


 I wonder how many people love this movie series “Otoko wa Tsurai yo”. I’m sure it depends on the generation that what percentage they account for. The original movie was released in 1969, the early fans of this movie are now in their 70’s or 80’s. I guess the number of fans of this movie had been increasing through the 1970’s taking in new generations. However, in 1980’s, the number of new fans must have hit a ceiling. That’s because teenagers at the time had no chance to get interested in this movie.  



 It may be true that a movie series or a TV drama series, which has a lot of installments, usually have a routine. Some sort of routine itself is the attractiveness of them and if people get enough of the routine, the movie or the drama has to end. The routine which can be seen in “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” is a plot that revolves around what Tora, a traveling salesman, does like coming back to a sweet dumpling shop in his hometown to end up causing troubles with his folks, and suffering a broken heart, then setting out for another sales trip. However, this routine is very flexible. With the combinations of different places Tora goes to and different weman he falls in love with, this movie series can attract audience in unlimited ways. On top of that, with the same people in his hometown, the plot develops on a firm foundation. This is the main reason why this movie has continued for such a long time.  


 With only this routine, however, this movie series might have ended in the 1980’s. That’s because it became difficult to have Tora fall in love with a woman as Tora got older. No one wants to see someone old enough has a crush on a woman, and all the more on a young girl. I’d like to talk about how this problem was solved next time.   

映画「男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん」オリジナル・サウンドトラック

映画「男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん」オリジナル・サウンドトラック

  • アーティスト:山本 直純
  • 出版社/メーカー: SMM itaku (music)
  • 発売日: 2019/12/25
  • メディア: CD