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どっちのバージョンもいい!:椎名林檎&宇多田ヒカル「浪漫と算盤」LDN &TYO   Both Versions Are so Good!: “Roman to Soroban” LDN & TYO by Ringo Sheena and Hikaru Utada


 There is something extravagant about this collaboration, but the treatment of this song is something beyond extravagance. The collaboration song called “Roman to Soroban” by Ringo Shiiina and Hikaru Utada has two versions, the one is London version and the other is Tokyo version, so you can enjoy this song in two ways.   

椎名林檎と宇多田ヒカル - 浪漫と算盤 / Sheena Ringo & Hikaru Utada- The Sun&moon











 If you make a profit through a principle

  Business means something more than a means of earning a livelihood

 Considering duties and rights important, but I don’t want to give priority to either of them.

 I’d love to listen to the pros and cons of my songs from both specialists and amateurs

 It is tasteless to be conservative, so I want to try something new on every occasion    

 I know that you live alone just the same as I do.



 It seems like the lyrics itself explains the concept of this song. The LDN version was played with London Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded in Abbey Road Studios. It has, in my opinion, a luxurious atmosphere, so I feel as if I were in an exclusive night club. The TYO version, which was released afterwards, was recoded in Tokyo, and it makes me feel as if I were on the top floor of a high-class hotel looking down over a big city at night, so I want to call it an AOR.


 Ringo Sheena appears on a lot of TV programs recently like Music Station, Switch Interview Tatsujintachi, Kan Jam, FNS Kayosai, and so on, so I’ve desperately tried not to miss them. I’m realizing she is a great artist because I’m filled with joy not only just by listening to her songs but also by watching her. 


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The Sexual Healing Total Orgasm Experience[DVD]