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ほんとに面白い本:「レ・ミゼラブル」⑤ 革命の夜 It’s Really Worth Reading: “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo⑤ On the Night of the Revolution


 Marius plays a pivotal role in the second half of the novel, disturbing Jean Valjean’s peace of mind by falling in love with Cosette, having something to do with Thenardier through preventing a crime from happening at Gorbeau House, making Eponine have a crush on him, and making Jean Valjean get involved in the revolution as he does.  


Marius, Eponine and Gaveroche

 Marius finds the place where Cosette lives in. and finally confesses that he loves her. However, his joy is short-lived because he knows that Cosette will leave there and move to England with Jean Valjean. When Marius becomes desperate due to the uncontrollable situation, he hears a strange voice that whispers something to him. What the voice says is Marius’s friends are waiting for him to come to the barricades they put up to revolt. Marius, who has lost hope, obeys the voice and leaves for the barricades. Then, Jean Valjean consequently leaves for the barricades, too, and Thenardier’s children, Eponine and Gaveroche, somehow bear a part in the course of events. In addition to this ingenious plot, the way the author gave a lively description of what they are like is really admirable. I can’t help crying whenever I read this part to find these miserable ones surviving toughly, bravely, but eventually come to a sad end.      


 Despite the struggle of young people, the barricades are broken, and Marius’s friends dies heroically. Marius himself suffers severe injuries and ends up losing consciousness. The one who saves Marius is Jean Valjean. The way He hides Marius from the soldiers and takes him out of the place is amazing. It may be the biggest good deed among others that he has ever conducted beacuse it requires supersuman efforts. He does it for the very guy who is taking Cosette away from him.