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ほんとに面白い本:「レ・ミゼラブル」② 痛快なまでの善 It’s Really Worth Reading: “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo② Exhilaratingly Good against Evil


 Jean Valjean wanders about in the suburbs with a backpack on his back keeping the silverware and the candlesticks which were given to him by the Bishop. He can’t come to terms with his uneasiness caused by the great mercy given to him by the bishop. Soon he sits on the ground by the side of the road absent-mindedly. Then he ends up committing another sin, stealing a silver coin from a boy, who is just a passerby. When he comes to himself, he desperately try to find the boy, who has already left crying to somewhere, but he couldn’t, so he is deeply ashamed of himself and goes into hiding.    




 After a lapse of several years, a man is appointed as mayor of a provincial town called Montreuil-sur-Mer. He has devised a process for producing ornamental dark colored glassworks and consequently made the region wealthy. He assumes the name Madeleine, and this person who is calm, always doing good to people secretly, is Jean Valjean. Although he has already made a huge profit, he leads an extremely modest life atoning for his sin. There is a guy who suspects him to be fishy, even though people deeply trust him. The guy’s name is Javert, the city’s police inspector. He was once a guard in a jail, and he somehow feels he has seen Madeleine before. Javert keeps investigating furtively and finally he reveals a fact that has something to do with Jean Valjean. The fact was something that does rather good to Jean Valjean but, at the same time, it challenges him to prove his redemption to be true. Jean is disturbed again even though he has just begun to feel he at last find peace.


 The situation that challenges him now is a crucial choice literally. I’m deeply impressed by the exquisite plot that makes readers so eager to know what Jean will do. And what he chooses is very moving, even more deeply moving than the episode about the candlesticks for me.