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ちょい旅日記:京都「渉成園」「京都水族館」 A record of my short trip: “Shoseien”,”Kyoto Aquarium” in Kyoto



 I had a chance to visit Kyoto the other day. I wanted to spend some time sight-seeing, so I visited a Japanese garden called Shoseien in Shimokyo ward. The garden is a detached estate of Higashi Hongan Temple, and you can enjoy the ancient city’s atmosphere there. the garden was landscaped in 1641, since then the buildings were destroyed but the garden itself remained unchanged. It was rainy when I visited there, so there weren’t so many people there and I enjoyed strolling around the garden.



 I had enough time to visit somewhere else, so I went to Kyoto Aquarium in the evening. I was somehow excited when I heard that there is an aquarium in Kyoto because such a modern thing seemed unlikely to exist in the ancient city. What I found just inside the building was a big, long water tank and there were many Japanese giant salamanders in it. It was the first time for me to see them. I saw one of them sticking out it’s nose to breathe. I guess this kind of aquarium which focuses on freshwater creatures like that is rather rare. I was quite impressed and fascinated by them. After that, I watched seals being fed, and then I enjoyed the dolphins show to the full until it got dark.


 The place where I went to after leaving the aquarium was a ramen shop. I heard they serve a refined, delicious ramen so I set out for the ramen shop with eager anticipation. I’ll report about it next time.


 I'm afraid it has nothing to do with today's topic, but speaking of Kyoto, I love this song very much.