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ラーメンうまし③:京都ラーメン「麵屋 猪一」 Ramen tastes good③: Kyoto Ramen “Inoichi”

 京都水族館を後にして向かった先は、同じ下京区にある「麵屋 猪一」というお店でした。ミシュランにも選ばれたというこのお店のラーメンがどんなものか本当に楽しみでした。

 The place I went to after leaving Kyoto Aquarium was a ramen shop called “Men-Ya Inoichi” in the same ward, Shimokyo ward. I was really interested in their ramen, which was chosen as Bib Gourmand.



 The shop has recently moved there, so the building was brand-new, Japanese style with a calm atmosphere. I went there before the time when people were waiting in a line, so I waited just for a while. Their ramens were written as “Soba” in the menu. I decided my order before I was taken to my seat. The ramen which I ordered was chicken soba with white soup.




 The ramen was served in a bowl, which was brilliantly white, and the soup was clear, so it looked refined and healthy. With a mouthful of the ramen, I found it salted just right and flavored richly so I couldn’t stop eating it. I wondered whether the stock was prepared from seafood or not. They put a box of tangle shavings on the table so you can use it as a topping as you like. The chicken was light flavored and pleasantly soft to the tongue, so it went so well with the seasoned boiled egg. I drained the soup to the last drop without any regrets.

 I was more than satisfied with the ramen, even though I’m someone who is from Kyushyu, where people are used to thick pork bone soup.