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ちょいワルな曲:私立恵比寿中学「踊るロクデナシ」 A song that sounds a bit rough: “Odoru Rokudenashi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 This song is so cool due to the way of singing that has a touch of rap music and the lyrics that is somewhat bitter. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  Hey, boy 分かっちゃねぇアホ面の兄ちゃん

 このまま生きていけるのかって hey



 扁桃腺をはらす 猿芝居

 もうちょい声をあげてけよって hey

 羨望浴びたいとか 言っちゃって


 Hey boy, an idiot who doesn’t know anything

 Can you live on like that? Hey

 You are at least alive, but you still try to pretend to be a victim

 Even Buddha blows his top

 If you try to pretend to have swollen tonsils

 You should say it out loud more. Hey

 You say you wanna be envied by others

 You are unexpectedly talkative, aren’t you?





 今 右も左も分からないまま

 With the smile you are always wearing,

 You run about trying to escape from many troubles

 My classmates have dead man’s face

 They don’t know their left from their right


 I can see is ambiguous

 Everything is ambiguous

 I can see is ambiguous

 Everything is ambiguous


 I can see is ambiguous

 Everything is ambiguous

 I can see is ambiguous

 Everything is ambiguous

 It’s an ambiguous serious game


 驚いたことに、この曲を作ったMega Shinnosukeさんは作曲当時まだ高校生だったとのこと。これからの活躍が本当に楽しみです。

 To my surprise, Mega Shinnosuke, who wrote this song, was still a high school student at that time. I’m really looking forward to seeing what will become of him.


Charisma.com / HATE

 These lyrics which are acrid but funny somehow remind me of Charisma.com, a pair of rap musicians, MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi.  They were so known well with their stinging tongue. However the pair is not active now because Gonchi left last year.


 This is one of the songs that makes me feel Ebichu is great because it shows they can sing any kind of songs their own way and  attractively.