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I enjoyed live music: コレサワさん ワンマンツアー2018「コレでショー」in 福岡



 12月8日(土),福岡のDRUM Be-1で行われたコレサワさんのライブに行きました。「コレでショー」~仲間編~と銘打たれたこのライブは,全国7か所を巡るツアーの福岡公演でした。


 Seeing her perform live made it certain that I admire her as a singer.

  On Saturday, December 8th, I went to the live concert of Koresawa held in Fukuoka. This concert is part of the live concert tour “Kore de Show” with her small circle of friends visiting 7 places in Japan.

  “She is so cute!” “Yes, absolutely” I heard people murmur around me. I had been excited and wondering how the concert would go while waiting for her to appear on the stage because she always showed up on MV as an animation character or with a full face mask of the character.


  Koresawa, who appeared without the mask, was shorter than I thought, cute, funny and powerful, sort of a girl I might have a crush on if she sat next to me in a class. She jumped up and down while playing the acoustic guitar. Her MC in Osaka dialect was hilarious so I giggled many times.


 The players were Korewasa herself playing the acoustic guitar, a guitarist playing electric one, a bassist, a keyboardist, a drummer, so it was simple as a band, and they are women besides the drummer. Their performance was vigorous and powerful. The bassist Nakamura Shoko is from Fukuoka and it was told hilariously that her mother came there and gave them a box of sweets called “Muttyan Manjyu”, a specialty in Fukuoka, after the song “Tokyo croquette”. Nakamura Shoko have joined some live concerts or recordings of Kimura Kaera, Inoue Yosui and many other artists.



  “The number of audience was only ten when we came to Fukuoka for the first time” Koresawa said with deep feeling. This time 350 tickets were sold out.

 I was carried away not only with my favorite songs like “ssw” “Kareshi wa Imasen Kon-ya Dake” and so on, but also with some songs I didn’t listen to so much. I was really glad because the encore was the song I love best. I wistfully left the venue and I listened to her album again on my way home. I deepened the impression that Koresawa is a great performer and her songs are really good through this live concert. I’m really looking forward to the next chance I can enjoy her live performance.   


コレサワ「彼氏はいません今夜だけ」【Music Video】

コレサワ「トーキョー」【LIVE】@「コレサワワンマンショー コレシアター03」