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大好きだったあの世界は今:岩館真理子の世界⑬「キララのキ」 Where is the world I loved before?: “Kirara no Ki” by Mariko Iwadate


 This is a suspense with a touch of the horror story.



 Who is Kirara? The existence of this girl called Kirara, who looks energetic at first sight, is doubtful. However, Toaki, the main character, surely remembers that Kirara was in her class in the elementary school.  



 In Toaki’s memory Kirara lived in a big, western style building deep in the forest. Kirara was always talking about her mother, but Toaki didn’t see her at all when she visited their house. Kilala’s house was full of weird dolls. Some of them even had conversation with Kirara, and Toaki heard that they were going to put poison in her cakes. Toaki was soon attracted by a doll. The face of the doll looked very much like her mother’s in a photo that her father had shown her before. However, Kirara insisted that the doll was made to look like her own mother. Toaki and Kirara quarreled over the doll. Toaki ended up throwing the doll out of a window and the doll fell on a tall tree, then Kirara tried to take it but failed and she fell from the tree…….  


 Kirara shows up in front of Toaki, who is now a high school girl, even though she is supposed to be dead. This consequently reveals that there is a secret about Toaki’s birth and the relationship between Kirara and Toaki is gradually brought to light.  




 I have an impression that Iwadate’s drawing style began to change from this work. The faces of young children are almost the same as before, but the eyes and the faces of girls become cool. The description of the adults even become realistic and ugliness is more conspicuous than beauty.

 This is a work for adults rather than children.