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ここまでやると面白い!:深田恭子さん主演のドラマ「ルパンの娘」 This Drama Is So Funny Because It Goes to Such Extremes: The TV drama “Lupin no Musume” featuring Kyoko Fukada



 I love Fukakyon dramas. Fukakyon is the nickname of Kyoko Fukada, and I just personally call the dramas featuring her “Fukakyon dramas”. There is a few things characteristic about Fukakyon dramas. First, the settings are impossibly ridiculous. Next, her distinctive quality, innocent but somehow coquettish, tend to be emphasized to such an extent that it makes me smile. Both “Fugo Keiji”(TV Asahi) and “Sengyo Shufu Tantei – Watashi wa Shadow”(TBS) had the same atmosphere even though they were produced by different broadcast companies. In that point, the current drama called “Lupin no Musume” belongs to the same group.  



 This time the settings are extremely ridiculous, too. Kyoko Fukada plays Hana Mikumo, who is outwardly an ordinary woman working as a librarian. However, she was born in the family called “L’s kin”, whose members have been thieves for generations. Kazuma Sakuraba, her dear boyfriend, is a detective of all things, and the family members of his house have been police officers for generations. “L’s kin” always aims at art works that are possessed by greedy rich people who illegally obtained them, but never thieves from weak, poor people and that's why they are called “L’s kin”, L stands for Arsène Lupin. Their method is something extremely high-tech and daring.      



 The settings, which are even impossible, could be exhilarating when it goes to such extremes. I giggle all the time while watching this drama because I somehow find everything in it look funny. I’m now really looking forward 10 p.m. on every Thursday night.